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Double-flow technology of Portland cement clinker burning was developed by JSC NIICEMENT with the participation of cement companies, tested and implemented in rotary kilns of various sizes at a number of cement works. In substance, this state-of-the-art technology is a transition stage from wet to semi-dry process of production. It allows to (see Table):

- increase the performance of clinker burning kilns by 5-25% and reduce the specific fuel consumption for burning process by 3-20% without violating its mode and with maintenance or improvement of the quality of clinker.

- expand the raw material resources base for cement production with an overall decrease in consumption of natural raw materials, and, consequently, in emissions of greenhouse gases;

- use effectively industrial wastes making a contribution to environmental issues.

The core of the technology lies in parallel synchronous kiln feeding with two flows of materials with different chemical, phase and particle-size composition. The first flow consists of raw sludge or meal, the second flow consists of by-products of steel, chemical and energy industries.

The essential feature of the technology, that provides it with additional efficiency, is the ability to:

- use by-products with natural granulometry as the second flow;

- receive Portland cement clinker of different mineralogical composition, including Portland cement clinker for the production of special cements, from a single raw sludge (meal) using two or more kilns.

This technology can be used both at existing cement works (for kilns of wet and dry methods of production) and at plants under construction.

In accordance with the foregoing, JSC NIICEMENT has the opportunity to:

- perform a feasibility study of the effectiveness of implementing double-flow technology of clinker burning in a particular enterprise;

- carry out all kinds of design work on technological schemes and equipment providing qualified operation of the double-flow technology of Portland cement clinker burning;

- establish the optimum technological parameters of cement production using the double-flow technology of clinker burning for a particular enterprise;

- provide cement works with scientific and technical assistance in learning to use this new technology.

This offer is carried out upon customers’ request by the integrated team of JSC NIICEMENT consisted of members of the Chemical-Analytical Lab., Burning and Grinding Department, Laboratory of Cements, and Analytical Department.

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