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Heads of Scientific and Production Departments

The team of JSC NIICEMENT is not only a “face” of the Institute, but the most highly qualified experts in the field of technology of cement in Russia. Many of them took direct part in developing, upgrading and improving cement production of the country: performed projects by orders of the Ministry of Building Materials Industry, developed technologies of special cements production and implemented them into the cement works of Russia. 

Developments of JSC NIITSEMENT experts were recognized not only by Russian cement industry representatives, but received a high appraisal of the international scientific community that affirmed by their participation in the main European and international symposia and conferences dedicated to problems of the industry.

Scientific inventions of specialists of NIICEMENT are unique; the experience of the Institute became a result of intensive work of a large team held under non-trivial, and, at first, even critical conditions. Therefore, all inventions are the property of Russia obtained due to a hard work of specialists of JSC NIICEMENT.

Vadim A. Kulabukhov
Deputy General Director for Science, Head of Burning and Grinding Department

Grigoriy Yu. Vasilik
Head of Analytical Department

Lenina N. Grikevich
Head of Scientific and Technical Information Department

Mukhtar Sh. Sepiev
Head of Implementation Department

Vladimir P. Ryazin
Head of Physical Chemistry Lab

Irina E. Kovaleva
Head of Chemical-Analytical (Testing) Lab. Accreditation certificate - РОСС  RU 0001/22 CМ40

Victor P. Repin
Head of Metrology Lab

Alla V. Shutova
Head of Laboratory of Cements

Nina S. Panina
Scientific Secretary


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