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Background of the Institute

JSC Research and Development Institute of the Cement Industry NIICEMENT (JSC NIICEMENT) is a successor of the State All-Union Research and Development Institute of the Cement Industry NIICEMENT established in 1947 in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. When the country was badly in need of building materials for the early recovery of the war-shattered economy, NIICEMENT was commissioned to develop special types of cement for hydraulic engineering. Therefore, the Institute became a leading research organization in the cement industry for development of special cements and cements of general-purpose, standardization and metrology. For decades a postgraduate centre preparing highly-qualified personnel for the industry, as well as a specialized Dissertation Council on Ph.D defense has functioned at the Institute. On the proposal of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing and Utility Complex (Gosstroy) JSC NIICEMENT repeatedly received a state accreditation as a research organization.

VI International Congress on Chemistry and Cement Chemistry,
Moscow, Pillar hall of Unions, September 23-27, 1974

The team of NIICEMENT developed a number of special cements, such as hydro, sulfate-resistant, high-alumina, oilwell, high-strength, fast hardening, expanding, self-stressing, as well as binders with low water demand, fine ground blended cements widely used in construction of unique structures (HPP dams, sports complexes, the underground, television towers, air field pavements, etc.). Fundamentally new technologies of cement clinker production using reactors-decarbonizers-crushers, as well as cement clinker grinding in jet grinders were created here. Technological developments of the Institute on lowering fuel consumption for clinker burning, reducing slurry moisture content and energy costs for grinding of raw materials and cement, improving stability of rotary kilns linings and equipment service life, decreasing dust emissions were introduced into cement factories of Russia, CIS countries, Cuba, Vietnam, Eastern Europe countries, Iran, etc.

Congress on Cement Chemistry in London.
Awarding an honorary diploma for services to the cement industry.

In total, the Institute has more than 900 inventions. Achievements of the Institute were recognized worldwide. NIICEMENT regularly took part in international exhibitions such as “Stroymaterialy”, “Stroytech”, “Stroyindustriya”, and international congresses on chemistry and cement technologies. Leading researchers of JSC NIICEMENT not only presented their works at congresses, but also were members of these congresses organizing committees; in 1974 the international congress on cement chemistry, one of the organizer of which was JSC NIICEMENT, took place in Moscow.

Fire model of the kiln cold end for analysis of processes
of raw materials drying and pre-heating before burning

JSC NIICEMENT participated in development and implementation of the major state target programs such as "Zhilishche" and "Svoj Dom".

Study of processes in chain curtains of high dust removal capacity

For their inventions researchers of the Institute were awarded with State Prizes, other state awards, medals of VDNKh, VKhО n.a. D.I.Mendeleyev, and diplomas of international exhibitions.


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